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47 Elizabeth Street
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+44 20 3198 3269

Stivaleria Cavallin’s craft and heritage in women’s bootmaking is legendary. Since its founding in 1961 in the shoe making district of Venice, the Italian specialised workshop has remained the most revered by industry insiders. 

The one and dedicated Stivaleria Cavallin boutique just launched in Belgravia and is the go-to for shoe connoisseurs, where the world’s best boot craftsmen are literally at your feet. Here the Company presents only and ever the very best, perfectly designed boots of unparalleled quality and materials, and offers made to order, made to measure and bespoke service.


Intero: Made Of One Piece

Valter Cavallin

Sculptural (adj.) : Often used to define Stivaleria Cavallin boots because of the flawless aesthetic and extraordinary finesse achieved.

Intero (n.) - Invented by Valter Cavallin himself, a boot made from one single flat piece of leather turned into a dynamic three-dimensional shape with only one seam at the back; still considered to this day the highest achievement in bootmaking.

The Intero boot is the Quintessential boot. 

Quintessential because it embodies our aesthetic credo: first and foremost beauty comes from perfection in shapes, proportions, fit, and craft. The Intero boot is only shape, proportions, fit and craft. There are no shortcuts, no places to hide. It requires absolute perfection.

Quintessential because it is the purest idea: how to recreate and sculpt the contours of the leg seamlessly? How can you create 3d volumes with a single piece of flat leather? Can boots be made as sculptures, out of one piece of precious material?

Quintessential because it is what made us famous. Valter was already an accomplished shoemaker when he started challenging himself in creating the Intero boots. How to manipulate a 2D object into a 3D object with multiple different curvatures in different directions, with only a single cut and join line, following exactly the last and the calf cast? It had never been done before for a boot.

With ingenuity and pioneering techniques, Valter concocted the series of processes that each boot must go through, a magical recipe that today allows us to sculpt any piece of leather.