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47 Elizabeth Street
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+44 20 3198 3269

Stivaleria Cavallin’s craft and heritage in women’s bootmaking is legendary. Since its founding in 1961 in the shoe making district of Venice, the Italian specialised workshop has remained the most revered by industry insiders. 

The one and dedicated Stivaleria Cavallin boutique just launched in Belgravia and is the go-to for shoe connoisseurs, where the world’s best boot craftsmen are literally at your feet. Here the Company presents only and ever the very best, perfectly designed boots of unparalleled quality and materials, and offers made to order, made to measure and bespoke service.


Love for equestrian inspired boots: the Bourron

Valter Cavallin

Between equestrian inspired boots and Stivaleria Cavallin there is a never ending love story.

The Bourron collection is one of the finest ever. The classic themes of the equestrian boots are revisited and presented with flawless lines, erasing many stitch lines and therefore creating new challenges for our virtuoso craftsmen. The hardware is artfully design by our team and made by our neighbor and friend Mario Agnoletto, an artist in carving and engraving metal (grazie Mario!). 

In each Bourron style there is a delightful interplay between the stunning uninterrupted curves of the precious calf leather and the extensive refinement and complication of the details.

As we challenge ourselves to deliver always the best boots ever in their genre, here we have no doubt that the mission was brilliantly accomplished.