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57 Elizabeth Street
London, SW1W 9PP
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+44 20 3198 3269

Stivaleria Cavallin’s craft and heritage in women’s bootmaking is legendary. Since its founding in 1961 in the shoe making district of Venice, the Italian specialised workshop has remained the most revered by industry insiders. 

The one and dedicated Stivaleria Cavallin boutique just launched in Belgravia and is the go-to for shoe connoisseurs, where the world’s best boot craftsmen are literally at your feet. Here the Company presents only and ever the very best, perfectly designed boots of unparalleled quality and materials, and offers made to order, made to measure and bespoke service.


New Home: No. 47 Elizabeth Street

Valter Cavallin

We have moved a hop, skip and a jump down Elizabeth Street from our previous shop to a new home at No.47 Elizabeth Street where we have greater space for showcasing our signature collection, with our exhibition of exquisite boots spanning several rooms and private areas for our made-to-order and made-to-measure services.

Sculpting: The Resiliance of Leather

Valter Cavallin

Pressure, dramatic Temperature change, Stretching, Wetting and Drying and tremendous Skill are the essential sculptures tools and techniques when it comes to shaping leather for the front of the boot, to create a seamless, crease free surface and tactile form. 

One More Present?

Valter Cavallin

Warm, Happy, Precious, Fun Boots.

We are open everyday in the run up to Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Virtuosic Chelsea Boot

Valter Cavallin

For a new take to make the classic Chelsea boot more elegant we took single strips of leather and stitched them individually, to create an all leather boot, sleek and refined. 

Handmade: What does it Mean?

Valter Cavallin

All shoes are handmade, our difference is the 60 pairs of hands of Stivaleria Cavallin, they are the most experienced boot specialists in the industry, only they can yield such beauty and achieve such a degree of perfection. 

Choosing from 17 Shades of Dark Blue

Valter Cavallin

The sky is the limit when it comes to selecting colours at our boutique at 57 Elizabeth Street SW1. 

Recently one client wanted some options of dark blue suede to choose from, and she was presented with  ... 17 shades of dark blue! All available for made to order, so be as specific as you like.

...''Of Rare Craft'': Extraordinary People

Valter Cavallin

Antonio engineers the boots, creating the physical prototypes and the digital models. He's at the intersection of everything we know about boots: the requirements of our designers, the characteristics of different leathers for the vamp, the lining and the stiffeners, what our craftsmen can achieve, what is needed for the long term performance of the shoe ... a fine balancing act and a marvelous repository of know how.

He's an avid fisherman, whenever possible he's out on his boat in the Adriatic sea to catch tuna fish.